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Many administrators find Teach an extremely useful tool in managing and controlling a large number of computers.

Remote Start Up / Shut Down
You no longer have to power on and off all computers one by one. Save time by switching on all computers (if they are Wake-On-LAN enabled) and shutting them down at one go.
Transfer Files
You can quickly transfer multiple files between the teacher's computer and any student computer. With the software's easy-to-use file transfer engine, it is simply a matter of dragging and dropping icons!
Protect Computers from External Programs
The unique Device Lock feature disables removable storage so that students are prevented from copying anything from portable storage devices into the classroom computer.
Prevent Software Assets from Being Copied Out
By disabling removable storage devices, you can protect your software assets from being copied into removable mass storage media such as USB thumb drives and CD media.
Password Protection
The software can be protected by a password, ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed access to it.
Remote Installation
Installation is extremely convenient. You can install Teach on multiple students' computers from just one central location.
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