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In this section, you would find out more about the various ways in which our product directly benefits teachers in a computer-room setting.

Screen Broadcast
In a computer-room, the traditional way of showing your screen to the class is through the use of projectors. All the students in the room would be watching this screen projection. What happens is that students seated further away may not get a good view. They get easily distracted, especially when they have their own computers right in front of them. With Teach you can broadcast your screen directly to each and every student's computer. Everybody receives an obstructed, front-row view of your screen.
At times, due to the physical layout of the computer-room, not all students are able to see you from where they are seated. When there is no direct eye contact between the teacher and the students, students may lose focus easily. With the webcam feature, they will be able to view a live image of you on their computer screen at all times.
Monitor Student Desktops
When leaving students to do their work, you would frequently have to walk around the computer-room to check on how each student is doing. Imagine doing this without ever leaving your desk! Teach makes things a lot easier by allowing you to monitor all student computers from one central location.
Chat Forum
Encourage interaction by having student collaborations during lessons. You can enable multiple student collaborations to take place at a time, and oversee all discussions.
Help Requests 
Your students can get your attention easily by sending messages directly to your computer screen. You can attend to them easily by starting instant messaging sessions or even taking control of their computers. Students no longer have to wave or call out to you to get your attention.
Internet Lock
One major problem that teachers face in computer-rooms is the distraction of the Internet. When students are allowed Internet access they may easily lose focus and find it hard to remain on task. Teach's powerful Internet Lock feature allows you to limit Internet access on student computers. It applies to all Internet browsers and Internet applications such as chat clients.
Application Lock
Software applications prove to be another major distraction in computer-based learning. Limiting the use of other applications during lessons would keep students more on task.
Device Lock
Students these days are very familiar with downloading music files such as MP3 off the Internet. They may even store the downloaded files onto thumb drives. Prevent this by using Teach's Device Lock. This unique feature disables access to removable storage devices such as CD-ROMs, floppy disks and thumb drives.
Distribute Assignments
You can give out homework and assignments to all students in the class at one go.
Collect Completed Assignments
Once students have completed their assignments, you can easily collect back the files to your computer. No more waiting for everyone to do this one by one!
Launch Applications and Websites
When you want students to work on a particular application, Microsoft Word for example, you would have to announce this to the class and wait for the students to start up the application one by one. Teach enables you to launch the application on all student computers at one shot! This works also for websites. You no longer have to wait for students to type in lengthy web addresses character by character. Simply launch the website for them and save precious minutes!
If you are familiar with SmartBoards, Teach offers a similar feature. You can annotate the screen with colorful markers and shapes during Screen Broadcast. Similarly, you can guide any student while he is working on his computer by annotating his screen.
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