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Now that you are using Junglebyte Teach, here are a number of ways you can maximize the potential of the various features in the software.

Organize your class into smaller groups
You can manage each of these groups individually without disturbing the rest of the class. Let one group of students watch an instructional video you are broadcasting and another group do their work as you monitor them remotely.

By focusing on one group at a time, you end up managing the class more effectively. Each group can be given an easily-identifiable name. To select a group, simply click on one of the colorful group tabs at the top of the Classroom Layout.
Pass the chalk
During Screen Broadcast, share the control of your computer with any student in the class remotely. The student would be able to take over the presentation as the rest of the class watches on. It is an excellent way to get students involved.
Assist students in a more visual manner
If a student needs help in his work, you can not only take control of his computer remotely, but also provide clear instructions by highlighting, writing or drawing directly on his computer screen with the set of colored marker tools.
Launch Internet websites easily
Many web addresses tend to be lengthy and take some time to be typed into the address bar. Imagine having an entire class of students do this. A lot of precious lesson time would be wasted waiting for each student to key in the lengthy web address.

With the Application Launch feature, it can be used to launch not just applications, but folders and websites as well. Simply type in the web address once, and launch it across multiple student computers all at once.
Make on-screen announcements to the entire class
System Lock can be used as an announcement broadcaster. You can define and broadcast a message to all student computers for a preset time interval. During this time, students' keyboards and mice are locked, allowing them to pay attention to your announcement displayed on their screens. System Lock is automatically turned off when the time limit is reached.

It is also useful when students go for a recess. You can turn on System Lock for the duration of the recess. When students return from their break, their computers become active again.
Reward students
When students are asked to do a class assignment with Internet Lock or Application Lock applied, the fast workers that complete their work early can be rewarded. Enable their Internet access for example, allowing them to use the Internet while waiting for the rest of the class to complete their work.
Quickly apply a function to a student
Simply right-click on the particular student's computer icon in the Classroom Layout. A menu would appear with all the available functions.

You can do the same thing for more than one student computer. To select a group of students, first click on one computer in the Classroom Layout, press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking the next computer. Continue doing this until you have selected all the computers that you want. Then right-click on any of the selected student computers to bring up the menu.

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