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Screen Broadcast
Display your screen on every student's computer. Students view real-time broadcasts on their desktops, experiencing minimal loss of quality. You may even broadcast any student's screen to the rest of the class.
Video Broadcast   
Play video on students' screens in real time without loss in quality. You get true live streaming (not local playback) for all popular video formats.
Monitor Student Desktops   
While students work, keep track of their activity by discreetly monitoring their computer screens without leaving your desk. Monitor multiple screens or cycle through them one at a time.
Classroom Layout   
Students' computers are represented by icons arranged to mimic their physical layout in the classroom. In addition, the status of each student's computer is graphically indicated on the icon.
Internet Lock   
Disable all Internet applications such as browsers, instant messengers and FTP clients. The lock works across all browsers. Allow certain websites by specifying them in the list.
Application Lock   
Prevent students from running other software applications. You may allow certain applications by specifying them in the list.
Device Lock   
Disable CD-ROM, floppy and removable disk drives on students' computers, thus preventing files from being transferred to or away from the hard disk.
System Lock   
Use the Lock System feature to disable the keyboard and mouse of student computers. Even system keys such as Ctrl+Alt+Del will be disabled!
Launch Applications
Remotely launch applications, documents or websites on students' computers.
While broadcasting, highlight any portion of your screen using the built-in annotation tool. You can also annotate video broadcasts with your voice.
Student Identification   
Each icon that represents a student's computer in the classroom layout can be renamed to easily identify the respective student.
Group Students
Manage students conveniently by organizing them into groups. Groups can be easily created, renamed or deleted. Students can be added to or removed from groups anytime.
Instant Messaging   
Engage in a one-to-one chat conversation with any student via instant messaging. In addition, voice communication is possible with attached microphones.
Chat Forum
Engage students by creating multiple chat forums. You can monitor or take part in each discussion.
Help Requests   
Answer student queries (shown in a list) via instant messaging. You may also attend to students by taking control of their computers remotely.
Make lessons more personal! If your computer is equipped with a webcam, students can see your image on their computer screens.
Transfer Files   
Transfer files from the teacher's computer to any student's computer one-to-one through the easy to use drag-and-drop interface.
Distribute Files   
Send assignments and other documents en masse to the entire class by using this feature. The files are sent and copied to the same destination folder on all students' computers.
Collect Files   
After students have worked on a previously distributed assignment, collect them back using this feature. Files collected from each student are saved in separate folders, identified by their name (or IP Address).
Password Protection
Software can be protected by a password, ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed access to it.
Remote Start Up / Shut Down   
Before the lesson starts, switch on all students' computers at one go (if they are Wake-On-LAN enabled). Similarly, you can shut down all their computers at the end of the lesson.

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