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With Teach, the Institute of Technical Education Gets the Most out of Computer Based Learning

In a world that is increasingly driven by technology, it is common for the education and training sector to employ Computer Based Learning (CBL) actively. Aside from keeping abreast of the latest innovations, it has become essential that schools and institutions provide students with sufficient computer systems and software tools. In order to increase learning productivity for students, teachers aim to make full use of their resources in the classroom.

Being a world-class provider of technical education to secondary school leavers and working adults, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is determined to provide the best technology possible to its students. ITE consists of 11 colleges spread over the Central, East and West of Singapore. In 2005, ITE College East started using Junglebyte Teach, a classroom management system on its Simei campus. Teachers and students benefited from a more productive overall learning experience. As a result, ITE expanded the use of Teach to its 10 other colleges. Today, 280 computer labs in the 11 ITE colleges are equipped with Teach.

Junglebyte Teach Helps to Keep Tanglin Trust School Students on Task

The school-going children and teenagers of the 21st century are a highly sophisticated and tech-savvy bunch. In an era that considers mobile phones and web messengers the norm for communication, how can schools that employ a large use of computers fight off the distraction of the Internet in the classroom?

Based in Singapore, the Tanglin Trust School teaches a British-based curriculum in three schools – Infant, Junior and Senior. With close to 2,000 students in the three schools, a powerful and scalable management system is required to manage the large number of computers on campus. In 2002, Tanglin Trust School found their solution in Junglebyte Teach, a highly scalable classroom management system. The teachers and students have been using it ever since.


Junglebyte Teach: An Ideal Teaching Tool for Montfort Junior School

Computer Based Learning (CBL) is rapidly gaining popularity these days. This holds particularly true for schools based in Singapore, a country that boasts one of the highest computer literacy rates in the world. One of these schools that employ computers actively in their curriculum is Montfort Junior School, an all-boys government-aided school.

With lessons frequently conducted and demonstrations performed using computers, the teachers at Montfort Junior School needed an easy way to broadcast their screen to all the students’ computers. Junglebyte stepped in with a simple yet effective solution - Junglebyte Teach, a classroom management system. Teach offered the teachers exactly what they needed, high quality screen broadcasting.


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