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Junglebyte Teach Helps to Keep Tanglin Trust School Students on Task

The school-going children and teenagers of the 21st century are a highly sophisticated and tech-savvy bunch. In an era that considers mobile phones and web messengers the norm for communication, how can schools that employ a large use of computers fight off the distraction of the Internet in the classroom?

Based in Singapore, the Tanglin Trust School teaches a British-based curriculum in three schools – Infant, Junior and Senior. With close to 2,000 students in the three schools, a powerful and scalable management system is required to manage the large number of computers on campus. In 2002, Tanglin Trust School found their solution in Junglebyte Teach, a highly scalable classroom management system. The teachers and students have been using it ever since.

No More Distractions

Regardless of what age the students are or the size of the classroom, all teachers face the same challenge – keeping students on task. With today’s web-savvy students, this challenge proves harder than ever in Computer Based Learning (CBL). Besides games found on the computer like solitaire, Internet websites and chat applications are also stealing attention away from students. Teach foresees these problems and comes with a few features that make things a lot easier for teachers.

At Tanglin Trust School, teachers can easily minimize unnecessary distractions during computer-based lessons. With the application lock and Internet lock features, students can no longer play games or surf websites when the teacher isn’t looking. They become more on task and involved in the lesson.

The built-in screen monitoring feature also allows every teacher to see all student screens at a glance. He monitors all student work without ever leaving his computer!

Engaging Lessons for All

For those who love chatting however, there are instant messaging and multi-user chat forum capabilities available within the software. The students at Tanglin Trust School are able to make use of these software features to hold discussions with one another during lessons and seek assistance from their teachers.

To make lessons even more enjoyable and interactive, Teach comes with a variety of features that help to grab students’ attention. The teachers at Tanglin Trust School can play interesting videos that show on students’ screens. Quizzes and surveys can also be created on the fly, making lessons more interactive and participatory.

A Good Reward

In a class, there are typically students who finish their work faster than the others. Those who finish lessons earlier often want to go on the Internet to do other activities. Teachers can easily unlock the Internet on these students’ computers without affecting others. It is a good way to reward the fast workers.

Tried and Tested

Teach has improved the overall teaching and learning process in Tanglin Trust School. In fact, the teachers like it so much that in early 2006, a site license was acquired to install Teach on all systems across the entire campus. Today, teachers and students at all three Tanglin Trust schools benefit from lessons assisted by the Teach software.

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